Off grid sustainability… a key component is a solar power generator.

By Allen Powell

​In our ever going quest to reduce our dependency on modern society, one key aspect is power.  Here at Virtual Seeds, we are huge fans of growing our garden with high quality non-GMO seeds.  But what else could we be doing to reduce our carbon footprint and also help eliminate our dependency on the power grid.

The obvious answer is solar power.  But that leads to a lot of questions that need to be answered before making any decisions.

​Of course solar energy is considered free, but it does require an initial investment in both a way to harness that power (solar cells) and a way to convert that power to usable energy (some sort of converter) and finally a way to store that converted energy.

A great product that we are investigating is called the Patriot Power Generator.  It is a complete unit, that has a solar array, a built in converter, a built in storage device and finally direct power that can be plugged into (both AC and DC power).  Seems like the perfect solution, especially for people like us who are just getting started in trying to harness energy from the sun.  We ran across this review of the Patriot Power Generator 1500 and decided to investigate further:

​It seems to have everything we are looking for in sustainable, yet portable power that can be generated from the sun.  While it does seem a bit expensive on the surface, when you consider that it checks off all three items to begin using solar power and then you offset the potential savings over a years worth of use - the price seems more than justified.

We haven't made a final decision yet - and will continue doing research into other similar products, this one on the surface seems to be a perfect fit for our needs.

Our only concern is the true amount of power we can get from it on a daily basis.  Also - what happens if it is not sunny out - will it still work?  More research is needed, but we are good at that and plan on continuing our due diligene before making a final decision.  It does take all of the guess work out of it for us, which is great.  We are not experts at power - we are experts at seeds.  🙂

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