Food4Patriots My Honest Review

By Allen Powell

As we continue to try to reduce our dependence on the energy grid, one key component is food and having a long term sustainable solution that allows you and your family to get proper nutrition in an easy to store and consume format.

While there are a number of MRE (Meals Ready To Eat) companies, the reality is these are pretty bad tasting and they are pretty heavy per calorie (since the food is truly ready to eat).

If you want to go that route, it is definitely not a bad option. I mean our military forces use it all the time. But if you are looking for something that tastes better, is lighter to carry and takes up much less space for long term storage.

To find out more about Food4Patriots, go here:

On that site you will find a great overview of the benefits of Food 4 Patriots and you will soon understand why it is the preferred choice for people looking to provide a long term food storage solution for their family. With just a cup of warm (boiling) water, you will have access to all sorts of delicious, nutritious and calorie packed meals.

You can watch this video to actually see this guy cook and eat a few meals form Food4Patriots:

As you can see, it is super easy to make (all it requires is water) and tastes really good. Like I said earlier, it stores very compactly and is super easy to carry regardless of if you are camping or in a bug out situation – this is not going to weigh you down.

The only real concern is it requires water, but let’s be honest, if you do not have access to water, no amount of food is going to matter. Also, you are not wasting water – as you will ingest it as part of the meal once it re-hydrates the food.

Speaking for myself, I know that it is important to always have access to food that will store for a long time (in this case, Food4Patriots will store for up to 25 years). So for me and my family, we are investing in the 3 month supply and may even up our storage amount as we move forward.

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